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Program Banner 2017 Safford Library Online Reading Program


Little Readers Program
June 5th - August 1st


Registration Kick Off
June 5th @ 10 AM


Welcome to this year's Reading Club! This year’s club is all new, interactive and online. There’s a reading club for everyone–babies, kids, teens and adults. Signing up is free and easy. Click “register" below to get started.

Parents: If you would like to create a Family Account, please register yourself first and then register your children under your account.

It’s simple: Earn points and collect badges for logging minutes spent reading with your child over the summer. Plus fun brain games and reading lists!! This year our theme is Build a Better World. Building a better world will include fun reading with your little one focused on being a good citizen, helping out your neighbor and getting creative!

Wondering how to add family members, get badges, or play the games? Have a question? Feel free to message us via the Mail tab at the top of your screen. We will get back with you right away. :)

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